Terms and Conditions apply:-

Open Studio is available only to those that have completed  3 week beginners, intermediate and advanced workshops at Yorkshire Glass Fusing Studio and Sarah is confident of your ability to continue to work safely with glass.    In these open studio sessions there is no tuition available and you are expected to work independently. 


Booking and payment in advance is required to ensure the  Glass Lady is in attendance at these sessions for health and safety reasons, open studio is £15.00 per hour which includes the hire of moulds and up to 2 firings (eg full fuse and a slump firing).  Further firings will be at additional small cost. 

Basic glass fusion equipment is provided : cutters, L rulers, breaking pliers, cutting mats, PVA glue but does not include glass.  You will need to purchase your own compatible glass. Only COE90 glass is to be used*  Guidance will be given for you to choose suitable glass for the projects you wish to create.

*This is due to the co-efficient of expansion difference (Bullseye is COE 90 and Spectrum / Uroborus System 96 is COE 96).  This means that they expand and contract by different amounts when heated. When fusing, this means that glass could crack as it cools and damage the kiln. Yorkshire Glass Fusing Studio's kiln is pre-programmed for Bullseye COE 90 glass only. 

Disclaimer: The Glass Lady does not accept any responsibility for students being dissatisfied with any work that they produce in these open studio sessions